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Trading the most comprehensive range of steel products and value added steel services to sub-Saharan and global markets
 About Macsteel Exports

Macsteel Service Centres SA’s wide range of products and value added manufactured products are sold and distributed to international markets via Macsteel Exports.

Staffed with a knowledgeable team with vast African market experience, each possessing the skills in the relevant products, markets and languages of the countries for which they are responsible.

Macsteel Exports’ supply base includes stockholdings from:

  • its large dedicated warehouse in Wadeville;
  • MSCSA’s strategic 10 Business Units;
  • its numerous African branches; and
  • direct deliveries from local and international steel producers.

Macsteel Exports is extremely flexible in the products and services it can provide. This may range from supplying a few items to far reaching destinations, to a few thousand tonnes of coil to offshore global markets. Ideally positioned to explore emerging markets, Macsteel Exports continues to offer its valued client base quality products combined with unsurpassed service delivery.

In addition to direct trade in Africa and the World, Macsteel Exports has stockholding branches in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Ghana. There is also a mothballed branch in Zimbabwe.The branches employ over 200 staff in 15 locations. 

There is immense flexibility in what we can do; from supplying a few lengths of pipe to Maputo, to a few thousand tonnes of coil from India to Brazil.

In addition to our in-house abilities and strengths, the Exports division has the collective experience and commercial power of MSCSA, the leading steel service centre and distributor of steel products in Africa.

Below is a list of Services we offer:

  • Auto Cad Detailing
  • Cutting: Lazer / High Definition Plasma / Flame Cutting
  • Bending
  • Drilling
  • Coil Slitting
  • Sawing


All Logistical Services – Arrangement & Bookings of Overland Freight – Shipping & Airfreight
All Required Export Documentation


Macsteel Exports

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