Eric Samson wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to our Founder, Eric Samson on receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 13th Annual National Business Awards held at Emperors Palace on 19 November 2015.

Joint Announcement


Macsteel Service Centres SA and the Southern Palace Group have failed to reach consensus as to the terms of the unsolicited offer made by SPG, and all discussions in that regard have been terminated.

New Grade of Seamless Pipe Introduced


Sale of Macsteel Properties to Redefine Properties Limited


Resulting from a highly innovative and exciting strategy to focus more specifically on our core business and the expansion thereof going forward, Macsteel has concluded an Agreement in terms of which Redefine Properties Limited has acquired the Group’s South African property portfolio.

Macsteel is proud to announce that it has been granted unconditional approval from the Competition Tribunal for this transaction.

Macsteel will lease back all of the relevant properties for an initial period of 12 years.

Macsteel Fluid Control

To the right is a photo of a recently delivered Geodesic Dome Roof being lifted for fitting into place on top of a newly built 19.5 metre diameter fuel storage tank. The dome consists of an aluminium structure and flat profiled segments that are assembled in a few days on site at ground level, before been lifted into position.

The Dome Roof Systems and related storage facilities products are manufactured by Ateco Tank Technologies & Engineering Services based in Turkey and supplied by Macsteel Fluid Control.

Macsteel Tube and Pipe Value Adding Facility

As part of the Macsteel Group’s ongoing expansion and the modernisation of its facilities, Macsteel Tube and Pipe recently developed and commissioned an additional new 30 000m2 plant in Boksburg to house their extensive value adding capabilities

Macsteel - Media Release


Investec Bank plc (Investec) is pleased to provide the following update, in relation to the process whereby the shareholders of Macsteel Service Centres SA (MSCSA) intend to dispose of their equity interest therein.

 In the first quarter of this year a process, managed by Investec, was initiated inviting a select number of domestic and international parties to submit their interest in acquiring an equity interest in MSCSA.

MACSTEEL - Breaking News

Macsteel Service Centres SA (MSCSA) is pleased to provide the following update to interested parties.  It is well known to most industry sources and insiders that we have, over an extended period of time, been in the process of reviewing and examining different strategic objectives in the best interests of all our Stakeholders.

Chad Le Clos Wins Gold

Celebrating the STEEL in our Stars!
Chad le Clos joined the MACSTEEL Maestros Programme as a young schoolboy in late 2009.  His coach, Graham Hill, recommended him to our Durban based MACSTEEL Maestro mentor, Lee-Roy Newton.  In 2010, Chad won Gold in every major swimming event he competed in, his performances proved to his peers that he was a true contender for Olympic glory.

Robot at Harvey Roofing


After many years of researching the automation of our press feeding system, we were able to source a company specializing in robotics that was able to meet our specifications and requirements. Sourcing the company turned out to be not nearly as challenging as finding one that specialized in “fast” automation.  The robot needs to feed the press and blank steel sheets at a rate of between 30 and 32 per minute.